How To Add Greenery To Your Home

by Alison Broinowski

Do you live in a town that has water restrictions?

Are you too busy to water houseplants?

Do you live in a frost-prone area?

Are you nervous about landscaping or caring for plants?

Importance of high quality faux plants 

Artificial plants originally received a bad rap from interior designers due to being made of extremely thick plastic and looked not very real at all. Luckily, these days, high quality faux plants are made to be very realistic, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing. 

As if you were choosing to purchase a real plant from the nursery, it is just as important to be ‘picky’ when purchasing a faux plant. We recommend purchasing a high quality faux plant as these plants do not contain allergic materials and are non-toxic for children and pets. 

What greenery adds to a space and where to place faux plants 

Artificial plants are commonly used to assist to make interiors and exteriors feel fresh and less sterile. There are several ways to incorporate faux flowers, trees and man-made plants into your home, including:

  • Placing artificial plants in positions in the home where real plants would not survive. 
  • Many homes lack natural lighting that real plants require to remain happy and healthy. Place an artificial plant on the bookcase, in an empty corner or bathroom. 
  • Placing an arrangement of faux flowers into your living spaces can assist to make your home decor more luxurious than it is. Faux flowers are low maintenance and you will not need to be concerned about replacing your flowers prior to your guests arriving!
  • Place faux flowers amongst a real bunch of flowers in a vase to achieve a fuller effect. Then - just replace the real flowers when expired. 

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