Styling With Corduroy

by Alison Broinowski

Corduroy, or cord is quite a distinctive fabric because of its ribbed appearance. It is a parallel weaved material and is a very versatile fabric when being used for interior projects (soft furnishings or upholstery). 

Corduroy has been used since the 14th century, but some sources say it was invented by the Egyptians in 200 AD. The word corduroy was first used in England within the 18th century after arriving from France, where it was popular in the monarchy and had grown from the translation of ‘cloth of the king’. Many vintage corduroy items are currently still available. 

Looking after corduroy items

Most corduroy items can be washed, but some care needs to be taken. Here are some tips to maintain your corduroy: 

  • Check the care label to acknowledge what temperature to use (machine washing is normally possible as corduroy is very durable)
  • Turn the garment inside out and do up buttons/zips prior to washing 
  • Do not overfill the washing machine 
  • Do not wash corduroy with other fabrics that produce lint, and 
  • To dry, use a padded hanger when possible to decrease the risk of marks

Styling with corduroy 

Corduroy provides a cosy touch with a great texture. It is a fun way of updating your home decor. The fabric has a smooth and elegant appearance which, styled correctly, can bring a sense of charm and warmth to your interior. 

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