Organising Your Home

by Alison Broinowski

Organising Your Home 

If you are ready to start your organising journey, we have some tips to get you started. 

  • Storage spaces. 

  • The initial step of the organising process is to arrange your storage spaces so they will be able to accommodate items from the other areas in your home. We recommend starting with a not so daunting task; such as the “junk drawer”, then the linen closet or basement. It is at this stage that you should invest in some organisational systems such as storage bins or a closet organiser, so everything is easily accessible and has its own place. 

  • Common rooms. 

  • We recommend common rooms such as the living room, kitchen and bathrooms are to be organised next as they are high-traffic areas. When organising these areas, make a plan to declutter and find a “home” for items. Incorporate your children (Or husband) in this task, so everyone knows where items go. Use plastic containers for your pantry and storage tray for the bathroom drawers. 

  • Bedrooms, wardrobes and offices. 

  • These rooms require assessment of many items (paper work, keeping or donating clothing), so can be very time consuming. Set up a routine that suits your lifestyle eg. Colour coding or type of clothing together. Incorporate organisation supplies here too - binder folders for the office and shelving or hanging units for the bedroom. 

  •  Small spaces. 

  • You can save the laundry, linen closet and guest room until last in your organisation journey. Having a clean and prepared guest room can take the hassle out of having people over to stay and an organised laundry might even make it enjoyable! Use large plastic containers for the guest room and storage tubs for the laundry.

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