Styling Your Coffee Table

by Alison Broinowski

Styling Your Coffee Table

Too many items?

Displaying only large items can look too heavy and too many small items can make the table seem cluttered. To keep the flow on your coffee table, vary the scale of size of items and place similar objects together. 

Coffee table too large?

When you have a large coffee table, starting to organise the table can seem very difficult. We recommend dividing the table into four quadrants and placing the objects in each shape. This approach assists to make the task less confusing and separate the styling items. 

Tired of the items?

As one of the main items in your living room, the coffee table is an ideal item to display seasonal decorations. In spring, fill a vase with some lilies. In summer, place a bowl of seashells from your last beach holiday and in winter, place some great books to cosy up on the lounge and read. 

No flow?

We find that when all styling items are the same height, nothing in particular gets noticed and the table seems cluttered. For an aesthetically pleasing arrangement, vary the size of the decorative objects.

No colour theme?

We recommend choosing a decor that works with your coffee table. For example, if your table is a neutral colour, try bold colours on top. For a dark wooden coffee table, go with white and metallic items. For a versatile clear or mirrored table - use any colours!

No room for movement?

If your coffee table is too small, choose a side of the table to keep a free surface to ensure you have plenty of space for guests to place their tea cup, wine glass or other personal items. Use a wooden or grass tray to assist you with this. A tray can serve as a stylish or practical item to showcase your favourite small items and is also useful when needing to clear the surface for easy entertaining. 

You’d like to be more entertaining?

Add a few playful options including a great board game, a deck of cards or dominoes. 

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