Ceramic Lemon

Ceramic Lemon
Ceramic Lemon
Ceramic Lemon
Ceramic Lemon
Ceramic Lemon

Ceramic Lemon

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Size - 7cm x 6cm. Inspired by the Spanish Primofiori, Fino reimagines the classic lemon shape. It is soft yellow in color, with a thin and smooth skin. With hints of citrus fruit lime color, the intensity of this hue is associated with high energy and promotes feelings of liveliness, freshness, and creativity. They can be tossed in a wire basket with a handful of fresh limes to complete an exuberant display. The Primofiori lemon tree is heavily thorned and the lemons are smaller in size than most other lemon varieties and tend to be much juicier.


Size - 9cm x 7cm. Similar in overall shape to the Limonetta Sorrento, Limonetta Lisbon is a more petite with it’s graceful curving spherical size with a a prominent nipple. With a slightly pitted skin, the striking golden yellow adds the finishing texture and colour to your already full fruit basket. Originating in Portugal, these fruits are medium in size with a slightly textured rind and bright yellow at full maturity.


Size - 14cm x 8cm. Inspired by the iconic lemons of the Amalfi coast, the Limonetta Amalfi lemons are long and oversized. Crafted with the deep colour of yellow ochre and hints of iron oxide. The impact of their size and depth of colour will highlight any fruit basket. Amalfi was a powerful seafaring port with a large network of trade routes weaving across the Mediterranean. The Amalfi lemons were a sought after trade item and popular with sailors as a scurvy deterrent.


Size - 11cm x 8cm. With a generous bulbous shape and accentuated neck, Limonetta Sorrento lemons are more rounded than the Limonetta Amalfi, packing an impressive visual punch. With hints of burnt sienna pigment, these high gloss objects of art will be the focus of discussion as the centrepiece on your dining table. Italian Sorrento lemons are the best choice when making homemade limoncello liqueur.


Size - 13.5cm x 7cm. The elongated oval shape with a textured skin and pronounced neck, Limonetta Verna is hand crafted in bright yellow, combined gloss and satin finish with an artisanal appeal. Combine a Limonetta Verna with Limonetta Sorrento and a handful of Limonetta Fino and your kitchen will be transformed. Verna lemons are native to Spain and account for about 70% of the country’s commercially grown lemons.

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